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The Xbox One X (Model 1787) is Microsoft's high-powered game console, succeeding the Xbox One S. The Xbox One X was released on November 7th, 2017.

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Xbox causing router to shut down

Recently moved my router location to be next to my Xbox and allow a hard wired connection.

Pre-move: static IP address, port forwarding Xbox service ports as well as COD WWII. My connection was very poor as th router was in another room on the opposite end of the house, causing a lot of latency.

Post-move: still have same static IP address and ports being forwarded. The connection works great but there is a big failure. When I power down my Xbox it immediately causes my router to go down. And the router has to be rebooted(unplug and plug back in) in order to start transmitting WiFi again.

I have ruled out the cable, and router as I can connect other devices such as my MacBook and there are no issues when shutting down. Even if the Xbox is in an off state, when I plug in the Ethernet to the port on the xbox, it also causes the router to go down.

I have also tried the instant on vs energy saver mode, no luck. It seems to be an issue when the Xbox is in an off status. Any help here? Much appreciated.

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Can you try a different power outlet for either the router or the Xbox, so that they don't share the same outlet, if they are that is?


Someone on reddit recommended that as well. I have a surge protector that my Xbox is plugged into, as well as the router. Would it make a difference if I plug the router directly into the wall and leave the Xbox connected to the surge protector, even though it’s the same outlet?


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It might.

The only way to prove or disprove if it is the problem is to try separate outlets or use a powerboard without a surge protector in play.

Another option is to try a different compatible power adapter for the router. I had a situation where my modem would "reset' (or power cycle) due to an exhaust fan in the ceiling being turned on or off. Turned out that it was the adapter passing the small 'surge' (or voltage variation) created by the fan being switched on/off through to the modem. Wasn't in the modem power circuitry but in the adapter itself. It didn't affect any other equipment tied to a powerboard on the same outlet. Changed the adapter and all was good. Go figure!

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This issue lies within the router itself. Some routers share resources at the LAN port level with the 5G wifi radio. What we have seen is that when the Xbox One goes into hibernation (ie. Quick Start) the Gigabit NIC drops to 10Mbps on the router. This causes havoc with connection, and because the LAN port shares resources with 5G Radio or possibly other components, this will in turn freak out the router and cause it to either crash, or go REALLY SLOW. The solution, is to either change the Xbox from Quick Start to Power Saving mode (Xbox completely shuts down, so no updates and longer boot times), or if you want to keep Quick Start running is to pass the Xbox through a switch, I.E. Xbox to the switch, switch to your router. Firmware updates may be available to fix the problem permanently for your router, but likely not since this problem is rare from a big picture view. Working tech support I see this problem more often of course, but as I said earlier, in the grand scheme of things, the issue that you are having is rare, and it sucks, because I had the same issue.

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