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My ipad won't turn back on after charging to 100%.

My iPad works fine until I charge it to 100%. When it gets to 100% it will take days for it to turn back on. I've tried different sockets, plugs and I've tried hard resetting it. Sometimes it will turn back on after a few days but now it's not coming back on.

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I'm curious...when it eventually does turn back on, is the battery still at 100% or has it lost some charge?

I have not seen this problem and other than the battery or a logic board issue, I can't imagine what could cause this. Next time the iPad is functional, try testing the battery health with a tool like coconutBattery (Mac) or 3uTools (Windows). If it is anywhere below 60%, you should change your battery.

If a new battery doesn't help, then it is probably an issue with the logic board.

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When it turns on it is back at 100% but I have to leave it on or use it for a bit so that it loses a little bit of charge otherwise it will just die again.


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