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Apple AirPods zijn draadloze oortjes die in december 2016 zijn uitgebracht.

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Why are my AirPods not connecting to my iPhone?

I got Airpods in early March from an Apple Store in Germany. I charged them overnight, but in the morning when I tried to connect then to my phone they were not connecting (nothing appeared on my phone after I opened the case near it, and when I searched in the bluetooth menu I couldn't see the headphones); I opened the case and the light was green. I pressed the button in the back and the light turned white, and I held it for like 25-30 sec but the white light wasn't going on and off it was staying still; after I released the button the light changed back in green. Can someone help me to connect then to my phone ?

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Don’t hold the button in the back for 25 seconds. Hold it for like 5 or 10 seconds with the lid open and both AirPods in. Disconnect from charger and look in Bluetooth menu afte white light starts flashing

Update (03/15/2018)

Do they have warranty?

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I also tried and the same thing happened.. I still can't connect them to any device


You can reatart your iPhone if you still have any problems such as connecting or skipping, which will fix that.


same problem and had tried all ways and it's not fixed


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