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An entry level smartphone released in April 2014. Available in black and white.

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changer not working can you help

when put changer in to change it want take a change

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PC Laptop batterijen

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A lot of things to look into for poor charging/no charge.

Test different cables. If you noticed the one you're using is not "clicking" when inserted or it's loose, then it's most likely the cable. Also look for damages (bent usb input or damaged line).

Inspect the inside of the port. If it does not go in all the way then you may have debris/lint stuck inside. Look inside for damaged pins or corrosion, as these will be an issue also and may require opening the device for repair.

If your unit is compatible for wireless charging, test that feature to see if it will work.

Last resort, you will have to open the device, check for corrosion, may need to replace the battery, replace the charging port if damaged.

Good Luck

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