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Sound cutting out during quiet moments?

I’ve been having this problem for months now. Whenever there is a quiet moment during a movie or video game or something, my TV’s audio (Vizio D series) cuts out, by which I mean that the background noise cuts out abruptly when there is a pause between conversation. Not a significant problem per se, but it’s very annoying. I’ve tried various audio setting combinations but to no avail. 99% of the time, I use my PS4, but it does it through the cable box as well.

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Hi @caedus25 ,

Just double checking that you tried Volume Leveling option ON or OFF to listen if this altered the volume problem?

Also is there an option to Delete Audio Mode in case a custom audio setting has been created that may be the cause of the problem?

Can you try a different type of input to check if the problem is still there. Assuming that perhaps you are using HDMI for both your input sources that is


Hi @jayeff,

I'm not sure what the volume leveling option is. As far as audio options for the TV, it has Surround Sound, Balance, Lip Sync, Digital Audio Out (PCM and Bitstream), Analog Audio Out (Fixed or Variable), and Equalizer. My PS4 has Audio options for Linear PCM, Bitstream Dolby and Bistream DTS. I've tried switching these up to see if it would help but to no avail.

As far as custom settings, I've reset the TV to factory default settings but still experience the issue. With the input options, I only have access to HDMI, though I have an older E series Vizio that doesn't go through this issue.


Hi @caedus25 ,

What is the model number of the TV?


Model number is D40n-E3


Your sound problem is possibly eco friendly related ? my speakers cut out at low volume, very annoying, was told it is this eco management on devices in which if there is low or no sound, it cuts out, to be in line with laws concerning power saving etc. Eco Save the Planet ETC. like a TV doesn't receive a signal it will turn off after a certain time, that makes sense. but when I'm listening to my classical music relaxing at a low 3-4 setting, off it goes. Got no satisfaction when I returned my Harman/Kardon speaker set. !


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Hi @caedus25 ,

Here is an image taken from the User manual for a Vizio D40n E3.

It shows the Volume Leveling feature .

If you haven't got this option then perhaps you have different version firmware installed.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Perhaps you can check if there is a firmware update

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I have the same issue on the exact same model of TV d40n-e3. The volume leveling feature is missing from the audio settings. I spent quite a lot of time searching for a firmware update but came up empty handed. Has anyone been able to solve this issue?


I too have the same exact TV and I am also missing the Volume leveling feature. It infuriates me. I can't find any way to download a firmware update. I'm ready with a USB and everything. Please can anyone help?!?


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