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Een gameconsole voor de televisie, geproduceerd door Sony Computer Entertainment, ook bekend als de PS4. Voor het eerst aangekondigd op 20 februari 2013 en gelanceerd op 15 november, 2013.

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PS4 wont turn on, unresponsive

I left home for lunch leaving ps4 on assuming I wasn't going to be gone for long or power saving would kick in. I arrived back an hour or so later to hear it had been switched off at the wall and turned back on by accident by my parents. It has been a day, I arrived back from school went to turn on ps4 yet there is no light on the console and no sound or response in anyway, looking for help!

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One of Sony's suggestions is to, turn off and unplug everything that can be unplugged from the unit. Then press and hold the power button until you hear a beep. Release let sit for 3 mins, then plug everything back in and turn on. This may or may not work. There are plenty of PS savvy people on here that will help.


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Have you tried a different power supply?


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