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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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Can't receive call on particular handset

one of the handsets when a call comes in and i pick up the call, just keeps ringing on the other handsets. no matter how much i press 'talk' it just won't connect to this handset so i have to run to one of the other handsets to get the call.

also sometimes when looking at the phonebook and using the down arrow the screen will not move on to the next person.


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Does the phone actually 'ring' on an i/c call?

Can you call out OK from the phone

Is the phone "registered" with the base station?


my phone rings, but cant answer it and I cant ring out on it


yes phone rings but cant answer and i cant ring out on it



What is the model number of the phone?

What happens when you try to answer, does it keep on ringing or does it stop ringing and you can't hear or be heard?

What happens when you try to call out, can you hear the dialing tone before dialing the number?

Is this the only phone connected to the base station or is there another one connected to it as well and does it work OK?


I have a 4 line answering system with caller ID. When the phone rings there are 2 cordless phones that are not picking up the calls. I pickup and have to look for another phone that will answer the call. What could be the problem? I can call out with these 2 phones but can't receive calls. Never has this problem before, phones are a couple of years old.


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Check the manual, page 16, and make sure the handset is properly registered.

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