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MacBook "Charged" at 100% shuts down without power.Temperature -273,2C

Hello there! I was browsing the web from my macbook (when magsefe was unpluged) and suddenly it has shut down!

After I plugged the power adapter into it, MacBook shows 100% battery, Magsafe indicator is green.

Without power MacBook shuts down instantly.

The coconutBattery shows different information every 10 seconds.

The first case:

'''Manufacture date: 1979-11-30

Cycle Count: 32768

Full charge capacity: 32768 mAh (100%)

Design Capacity: 0 mAh (100%)

Battery status: Good

Battery temperature -273.2 C

Charging with: 0 Watts'''

The second case is similar to the first one but all fields are NaN and temperature stays at -273.2 C.

Macbook is not water demaged.

I have tried SMC reset but it didn't worked for me.

If battery disconnected, MacBook becomes slow and laggy.

Does it looks like the battery problem or is it problem with my MacBook?

Please help!

Thank you.


UPD: battery replacement solved the problem!

Thanks everyone for answers!

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Do you have another battery to test with?


Nope. That's a problem.

I can't order a $30 battery just to test.

So I need to know does it looks like an SMC chip problem or something, or just a battery problem.

Thanks for response.


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Given the age of the system and what appears to be a very large cycle count I think you have no choice here! You need a new battery!

Just like a house you need to have a sound foundation before you can build. Here we need a known good battery to work off of. You SMC is doing what it can but with bad data from the old battery.

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Thank you so much, Dan!

The battery was new. It's was about 75 cycles.

But it wasn't as good as original. Maybe it wasn't high quality.

The large cycle count has appeared after that all bad events.


Look at the date of manufacture 1979-11-30. This is a junk battery then.

Get a good one from IFIXIT or other major supplier of MacBook Pro batteries.


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