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Power light and fan are on. display and hard drive not working?

Problem:HP G60-535DX Computer shut down by itself. When I tryed to restart the computer the only things that came on were the Power Light, Bluetooth Light and the Fan. The Display is Black like it not getting a signal. I don't think the Hard Drive is running(I can't hear it). I tryed hooking to a external monitor and a hard reset and that didnt work. Would a bad Hard drive cause these problems?

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There's two possible solutions to your problem... the first is that the screen died on you and you'll need to replace it... the second is that the motherboard has got a problem with the CPU and/or GPU, and since you cannot replace them, the only solution is to replace the motherboard. If your laptop is still on warranty, the best thing to do is have HP fix it, but if it's not on warranty, then take it to your technician and them work on it.

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