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The 5-door Explorer and its companion the Mercury Mountaineer were redesigned entirely for the 2002 model year, gaining a similar appearance to its big brother, the Ford Expedition.

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Check Engine Light does not come on

How can I reset the computer on my 2002 ford explorer? The check engine light dies not show up on the dashboard panel but my truck is shuddering when I accelerate and I hear a whining noise.

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my truck 2000 expediction check engine light does not come on when turn the engine on.


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The best method is to get your vehicle scanned and find out what the actual problem is, then erase the codes. Drive your vehicle and see if it resets any of the codes again.

Failing that, you could try a less correct method. Remove the negative (usually black) lead from the battery, leave this off for about 1 hr. This may reset your computer back to factory state. Then reattach the negative lead, drive the car as normal. It will need to 'relearn' your driving style. This will not however correct a problem that is caused by a defective state. It will simply clear the short term volatile memory.

Best course of action is to have it scanned.

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We chose to disconnect the battery cable. If the check engine light still does not come on, should we take the vehicle to have it scanned anyway? Will the scanner read any codes without the presence of the check engine indicator light?


Yes a scanner will tell you what codes are stored in the ECU(computer) regardless of the engine check light. The code will then give you an indication of what to fix. All the check engine light does is alert you to either a service interval, or that something might be going on that you need to look at.

Personally if the 'reset' corrects the problem you are experiencing then, I'd still have it scanned. As not all codes will activate a check light.


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