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Atari Flashback no image displaying

Hello, my atari flashback 8 is not showing any display. It shows a bunch of white and black lines and that's it. At first we thought it was a our TV being too modern it can't pickup the refresh rate of the atari system but, we then got an old CRT TV and it is still not working. Next im thinking of taking it apart and seeing if something on the inside is busted. Please help!

Update (02/25/2018)

Here is an image of the console for u to see

Block Image

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Micheal Cini are you sure it is a Flashback 8? The Flashback 8 has HDMI video output etc. so your TV should not be to new for it. Is it possible that you have a original Atari2600?


Im 100% sure its not the original atari2600. It has no catridge slot and only buttons I shall add an image of it for you to see


In that case you do not need an old TV. This one has HDMI output. Has it ever worked for you? did you buy it new? Any known history on this?


It only has A/V output. No HDMI, the Flashback 8 Gold has an HDMI output, but, not the one I have. It is brand new and has not worked since I bought it.


same problem and although the box shows it is supposed to have hdmi output it does not.....only av


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Micheal Cini Use a TV with Component inputs. Most modern Tv have this and if you let us know what TV you have we can probably help you with that as well. Use the guide to setup your Atari. If everything is properly connected and the TV is properly setup as well, you should get a pictures. Let us know when you have done so. Atari-Flashback-8-Instruction-.pdf

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I have tried that already following what the guide says. Nothing happens, I have no clue... I tried everything!


What make and model is your TV?


It is a Panasonic TC-60PS34


I have a VIZIO TV & just purchased my Atari flashback 8 & I too have tried everything, from switching the inputs to moving the cable cords for the Atari around in back of the TV. But still there is still no luck. I don't know what to do at this point, I loss for words & getting frustrated too. Can you please help me with getting it up & running.


Hi @sexydeva6950,

Can you try connecting it to another TV to prove where the problem is, either with the TV or the console?

What is the model number of the TV?


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