Repair guides for Android cell phones manufactured by LG.

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I have an LG k20 v, the screen is broken but works just fine.

A month or two ago, I dropped my phone and cracked my screen but I wasn't mad, I could still read words on it, use it normally and watch youtube on it. A few days ago from now my phone dropped again, but this time there was more damage to the phone. The crack was deeper so I couldn't see anything through it. My lg k20v works fine, but the screen is cracked. I look into getting the screen replaced but I'm worried about the fact that they will factory reset it. Is there anyway around this?

Thanks for replying.

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Replacing the screen shouldn't factory reset your device. I have done a few of these devices and have had no issue with the device resetting. If you are worried about something that could go wrong during the repair, just back your phone up and then proceed to replace the screen.

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The LG K20 isn’t that difficult of a screen replacement,just buy the screen with the frame also . They have plenty of tutorials on Utube for it. And your data will be safe.


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