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app is not compatible with my device

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 10.1 in.

I use Massagebook Pro app from the Google Play Store, on my desktop and my phone. I purchased Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 10.1 and am installing apps used previously. It's giving me an error message that it is not compatible. So i did the following as it suggested online:

1)I went to About Device, Software Update, and updated my tablet as well as selected automatic updates for future updates. I tried installing app again, and same error message.

2)I went to Applications Manager and cleared the cache and data in Google Play Store App. I tried installing apps and I still got the same message.

3)I called Massagebook Pro company and was informed my subscription and account is paid and up to date and asked if they have an 'older version'...the app that is there is what they have but didn't explain much and didn't know much about apps and compatibility.

4)I have been searching online and found that the "Android OS" is outdated on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 , 10.1 and the apps from Google Play Store are made for newer Android OS's????

how can i fix this?

just now by jenni marie

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Hi @jms1992 ,

Try installing an older version of the app

Here is a link to some older versions of Massagebook Pro.

Scroll down a bit on the page to find the List MassageBook Pro APK files with old version section .

Not sure which one you should try but suggest that you download and try 5.09.0 or 5.21.1.

Download the .apk file to a computer and then save it to a folder location that you will remember.

Scan the file with the PC's virus checker, just to be sure. (it most probably will be okay but it pays to be safe).

Connect the tablet to the PC via a USB connection and then copy the .apk file to a remembered location in either the SD card (if you have one) or the "download" folder in the internal memory of the tablet.

Correctly disconnect (unmount) the tablet from the PC and then enable the Unknown Sources setting in the tablet. Go to Apps > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

Next open the File Management app and locate the .apk file that you copied to the tablet. Tap on the file name and then follow the prompts to install the app.

Once the app has been installed and you have verified that it works OK, disable the Unknown Sources setting (go to Apps > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources) to prevent installation of apps without your knowledge.

You can delete the .apk file where you first copied to in the tablet to get back a bit of storage space or leave it there in case you ever need it again.

Hopefully one of the versions of the app will work for you.

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@jayeff nicely stated!


Hi @avanteguarde ,



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