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When I'm doing anything CPU intensive and I have my laptop on a surface (not on my fan cooler) it switches itself off because it gets too hot.. Now when i was repairing i took off the heat dissipating sticker that was bridging the cd drive and the cpu... that seemed to have made it worse so was wondering if anyone could tell me where i could get a similar sticker? and also how can i help this overheating issue, thermal paste? (but where?).

P.s. overheating issue did not happen before i took the sticker off but obviously it seemed to have been made worse after

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If you losend or removed the heat sink you must replace the thermal paste. Arctic Silver works, and there's instructions on this site about how to replace the paste.

The foil tape is not that significant... you could probably find some foil tape at an electronics or hardware store.

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I dont remember touching the heat sink at all...anyway im gna give the thermal paste thing a try as i know for sure that its the cpu thats overheating. Thanks will post what happens when i get around to it! Anything else I could do?


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