Note 4 shows it's charging, but it' not actually.


So to provide a bit of background, my Note 4 has had an issue for about a month now where it wasn't charging, whatsoever. I had to use a Universal Battery Charger to charge the actual battery inside the note 4 itself. I managed to get the charging port replacement in the mail and assembled it back together. Now, it says it's charging when I check Battery in Settings, and it shows the lightning icon on screen to indicate that it should be charging... however, the battery is draining and showing no indication of charging, physically. If it is indeed the charging port and perhaps loose cables, is there something I should be looking at specifically? The cords attached to the motherboard? Near the home button? Etc? Thanks. When I assembled it back together I made sure everything was plugged in correctly, and I took screenshots of every step to make sure everything was in their rightful place, so I'm wondering if something may have not been plugged back in right, or whatever the case may be? Or maybe if it's even a system issue?

Edit: After spending a few hours with it - and checking the Battery stats - I've determined that it IS charging, but only +2% charge in the past 30 minutes, with Fast Charging enabled. Any help is appreciated.

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