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Model A1103 / 1.25, 1.33, 1.42, or 1.5 GHz G4 processor

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Is It Okay to Use a 110W Power Supply With This, Compared to the 85W?

I recently purchased a PowerPC Mac Mini from Ebay, and bought a power supply with it. I suppose you could say I got scammed because I got a 110W power supply instead of the advertised 85W adapter. I've seen several forum posts elsewhere that say you can use a 110W adapter with a PowerPC mini, but not an 85W adapter for the Intel based ones. Will it be safe for me to use this 110W adapter with my PowerPC Mac Mini? The specs on it are as follows: 18.5V 6.0A of DC at 110W. Thanks!

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If this what you got? 110W 18.5V 6A AC Adapter Power Supply A1188 If so, it's the correct part.

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