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The Logitech UE Boom 2 is a waterproof, portable Bluetooth speaker known for its 360 degree sound. The Boom 2 comes in a multitude of vibrant colors and patterns.

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Megaboom 100% Charged and not staying ON

Good Afternoon

My UE Megaboom will no longer stay turned on even though it is 100% charged. It has not been dropped or mistreated and would be about 12 months old.

Both power light and Bluetooth light flash then go off. It will stay on if connected to power.

In addition, even when connected to power and ON, it will now not connect via Bluetooth to my iPhone, no matter how close the phone is held to the unit.

I have reset the Megaboom but still no luck.

I have been able to connect via Bluetooth to the smaller UE Boom2 owned by someone else and everything works, so it seems the problem exists with my Megaboom.

Any ideas/suggestions? Feedback and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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I have same prob,em have u solved it

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I have same problem too

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