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GPS not working on iPhone 6s

Hi all,

I bought a used iPhone 6s recently, and it has been working fine until now.

With WiFi off, the phone only has a rough idea of where I am, showing +/- several hundred meters. For comparison, that's my entire housing estate. With WiFi on, the phone knows what street I'm in. However, previously the phone could pinpoint my location accurately. Taking it out Geocaching today, it was clear that the issue wasn't due to houses or trees. Without WiFi and a weak 4G signal, the phone was completely lost - unlike before.

Would this be fixed by replacing the GPS antenna, or is the GPS chip dead?

Thank you!

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Hey I’ve got a 6s and having literally this exact problem. Did you ever manage to solve it?

Outside with WiFi available: medium circle

Outside in a field (no WiFi available): huge circle

Flight mode turned on: “Location could not be determined”

So that pretty much points to GPS broken :(

Tried restarting phone, resetting location settings. Also this happens in every app. Pretty sure earlier today my GPS was working fine, like I think I would’ve noticed it :/ I’ve had my 6s from new, over 2 years now, and the only problem I have is a really bad battery, never had this till today. Any suggestions? Thanks :)


I recently had this issue and downloaded the GPS Diagnostic app to find out my iPhone 6s was not receiving GPS satellite signals. Long story short, I deleted apps one at a time and when I deleted the Slacker Radio app the GPS Diagnostic app showed four satellites and all my nav apps started working.


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That's hard to say because you bought this phone used. That means you (and we) don't know the history of the device. It may have received several impacts over it's life, or been exposed to water or even previously repaired. The more we know about the phone, the better.

It could be antenna related or it could be logic board related. Ultimately, this phone needs to be opened up and inspected. First you isolate the easier, modular issues (antenna, connectors etc) and then you look at the logic board itself. Take a look at this guide.

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Thanks for your reply. The phone does have a crack in the screen in the bottom right corner. There isn't any damage to the metal back or sides though, which makes me believe it was either used in a case, or the impact was only on the screen.


Did replacing the antenna fix this problem for anybody!!!???

I've done all the rebooting/resetting possible and also had the phone diagnosed (remotely) by Apple who told me everything was "normal"...still have horrible GPS accuracy...


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I fixed my problem by accident.

I think the no gps fix started around ios10 and lasted till now. But when i was fiddling with my mail settings, noticing the odd | new data: ‘push’ | option at the bottom of the accounts and password page in ‘settings’. . Could that be the culprit? I flipped the switch and instantly gps had a location fix.

So: to turn on gps location fix just flip ‘push’-button to ‘on’ under settings - accounts and passwords’ - new data : push>

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! After not having my navigation app work since the spring, this fixed it. I had tried all the other "solutions" I found online before this to try and get the gps to work. I think we changed this mail setting to try and prevent battery loss when that was an issue the year before.


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iPhone 6 Antenna Flex Cable Replacement

This will fix your GPS errors, I did it today and my GPS is now pinpoint accurate.

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