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Computers die over het algemeen geen geïntegreerd scherm hebben, en die bedoeld zijn om te blijven staan.

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Cant do Windows upgrades

I have a Windows upgrade, that won't install my pc is an Alien. It has been working, until this last auto upgrade. I play an on-line game, now I can't play my game because of this upgrade failure.

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whats your specs? (or model number)


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Can you clarify the problem? When you say Windows Upgrade, are you referring to upgrading the whole operating system? As in going from Windows 7 to Windows 10? Or do you mean that you can't install the latest Windows Update?

If it's the Windows Update, the latest update for Windows 10, labeled "Fall Creators Update" has had some problems with some PCs, for most the problem sorts itself out within a few days, usually after a clean restart.

You mentioned that you can't game without the upgrade, so I'm leaning more towards you are trying to upgrade from one version of Windows to another, i.e. 7 to 10, etc. If this is the case, you might want to try a clean reinstall of the upgraded versions of Windows you're trying to utilize. For example, if you're still running on 7 and you want to upgrade to 10, then download the latest version of Windows 10 using Microsoft's Installation Media Creator, found here:

If you have a valid Windows 7 key, then just insert your Windows 7 key (or 8.1) when prompted during the installation process. If you have anything older than Windows 7 then this process will not work and you'll have to purchase a copy of Windows 10.

Hope this helps.

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Depending on the hardware the upgrade may not run as the CPU or GPU maybe too old.


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If your computer runs Windows 10, it has a troubleshooter that can help identify any problems. This can also reset the Windows Update app, which can help kickstart the installation.

To do this, click the Start menu, then click the cog icon on the left, which will open up the Settings window. Click ‘Update & Security’ then ‘Troubleshoot’. Click on ‘Windows Update’ then ‘Run the troubleshooter’ and follow the instructions, and click ‘Apply this fix’ if the troubleshooter finds a solution.

You may also use third-party software like MiniTool Partition Wizard which can help you solve problem like Windows update stuck on checking for updates, etc.

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