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Won't read discs when 360 is powered up by controller.

This is a really strange issue I cannot figure out. I have one of the last V3 Falcons (a 60GB Pro) that I've had since 11/08. I NEVER had a problem with it until around the time XBL updated for ESPN content etc last fall around Thanksgiving.

Around the time of the update I started to notice that sometimes when I powered the console up with the controller it would not read the disk the first time and I would need to open/close the try for it to read the disk. Once it read the disk I could play for hours continuously or even quit the game and return to the dashboard and start a new session without any issue.

Soon it started to take 2 or 3 open/close cycles to read the disc, or it would detect it as a dvd or a mixed media disc. As soon as it did read it, again I had no problems playing. Now it has progressed to sometimes taking 10 minutes of open/closing the tray before it will read it.

Now comes the strange part. I live in the middle of a metro area so there are not any open fields or a lot of dust. I have used compressed air to blow everything out, ran a "cd cleaning" disc through it etc. The other day I walked by it, and instead of powering it up with the controller I used the actual power button on the console. It read the disc on the first try. I shut it off and tried the controller power up and it wouldn't read it. Went back to the console button and it read the disc.

What would make it not read discs when I start the console with the controller, but will read discs when i use the power button on the console? I still have 7-8 months left on my RROD extended warranty so I don't really want to send it in for this issue if its something I can fix without voiding the warranty.


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That's a strange problem. Usually when the 360 won't read discs consistently, the laser is on its way out.

Unfortunately, to change the laser in the dvd drive, you must open up the console; thus, voiding the warranty.

Depending on the brand of your 360 dvd drive, a replacement lens will cost either $5 or around $9.

Samsung and Hitachi drives use the SF-HD63 or SF-HD67 laser (around $5 on ebay) while Lite-On and BenQ drives use the HOP-141X or HOP-141B laser (around $9-10 on ebay).

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