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Repair guides and support for USB flash drives, also known as jump drives or thumb drives.

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Rebuild or re-image flaashdrive

Is it possible to re-image or rebuild a flash drive that has had it's writing speed deteriorate from aprox. 6Mb/s down to 1.8-2.4 Mb/s? Let's don't jump to conclusions before we explore/exhaust possibilities. [Kingston DT101 16Gb- 1+y/o]



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I guess I should explain in detail. First, limit and direct your responses to the thread's query. I did not ask for, nor want, opinions of the drive's value. I want to restore the drive to it's original operating specs...if possible.

All responses should be directed toward that objective. That way, then, we might get to learn!

Keep Pushin' On:



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Is it worth trying to restore a $9 item ? But I would say other thatn a format/swipe there really is not a lot you can do to a USB drive.

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Yes, if it is possible. The reason not being it's disposability, nor it's inexpensive replacement, but to learn to repair ; the how's and why's. Perhaps that is of no interest to YOU, but I like to "fix" things...if possible!


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