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Microsoft's derde generatie Xbox game console, uitgegeven op 22 November 2013.

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How can I fix my jammed A-button on my Xbox One controller?

So I bought a used xbox one and the controller it came with has a jammed A-button. It isnt sticky or anything. It is just stuck there and wont come up. Is there a way to fix it? Preferably without opening it.

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Twist it, rock it, glue the end of a screw driver to it, and pull.

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Open it up, clean the button, as well as the Controller Conductive Silicon Rubber Button Pads ABXY with Isopropyl alcohol. This will solve the problem

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non-gel-based alcohol or the American Fix All: Wd-40. I don’t own $59-89 controllers. I’d rather go Virginia Wolf than spend that much even if it had an “Old Fashion” interface. Don’t use gel (hand sanitizer)! That’s like using J-E-L-L-O mix). 90% isopropyl can clean without eating your gear!

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Anything above 4k (which you must be 3-4 inches away to notice) is all marketing garbage. Ask real eye doctors. Ask 3 dozen. Don’t fall for “the higher the numbers the more I can brag” anymore.


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