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The Green Part of the Circuit Board Came Off, What do I do?

So I opened up my ultimate fx lightsaber to try and fix the screw mechanism inside. Some wires popped off from the battery, I didn't think much of it because I could just solder them.

However when I was about to solder them, I noticed that one of the wires completely tore off the green part of the motherboard, but it was still soldered on to the metal part.

What can I do? Please help.

Here are some images:

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How do I repair missing green circuit connection circled in black?


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Repairable---think of 'the green part' as a wire that is covered in green paint. You can see on the board where the 'wire' tore off, and what it was meant to connect to---the two solder joints there at the end of the tear. So what to do? Get some good flux---and then either solder the wire directly to the two solder joints that it is supposed to 'talk to' or gently scrape the green paint off the end of the 'green part' to show the copper wire below and then epoxy what is left of the "green part" trace back into its native position and then electrically connect the now-exposed copper end of the trace to a similarly scraped section of the mating piece on the other edge of the tear on the board. Use flux!! And leaded solder and you should be able to make this a durable repair.


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By the 2 solder joints, do you mean those two metal things at the end of the ripped off part? So I just have to solder the green part to that end? Also, is it possible to just solder the black wire directly onto it those two solder joints? Thank you!


Yes--solder the black wire directly to those two solder joints. if you're not sure---post a picture here of you plan and we can make sure we are on the same page.


How do I repair the missing green connection material circled in black?


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