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2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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New Battery w/"Replace Now" message (MBP 15" Late 2013)

Another question on this subject as no other question/answer thread seems to address my issue.

Computer: MBP 15" Retina Late 2013

Original issue: Battery stopped charging & was labeled as "Replace Soon" and laptop would not work when plugged in.

Actions taken: After trying my personal knowledge base, checking the internet, and finally calling Apple - ordered a new battery from iFixit. Installed new battery (01-27-2018) and acquired new charger.

Remaining issue: MPB works when plugged in battery is labeled as "Replace Now" and shows 29% charge (with no change since I installed).

Most of the actions taken in an attempt to fix the issue: SMC reset - multiple times, PRAM reset, HD permissions checked with no issue. Unplugged the battery > SMC reset > plugged battery back in > no change. Whenever I did something directly with the battery I would wait the recommended period of time for capacitors to discharge.

The old battery was not in a condition to reinstall for a test and has been recycled.

The CoconutBattery app presents the following:

Block Image

Have I missed something looking through the forums which I have yet to try? Is the new battery bad? Your insight and help is appreciated.

Here's a screenshot of the now working replacement battery:

Block Image

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The fix for this issue (pasting my comment from below):

After contacting iFixit, and confirming the steps taken with the battery, they sent me a new one which arrived today. This evening I installed the new battery and the computer both recognized the new battery and booted nicely.

The battery is now fully charged and I am now working through the calibration steps. iFixit has been great as has everyone on the forum, thank you.

Here is the CoconutBattery screenshot for the new new battery replacement:

Additional update:

Calibration is complete and the battery is functioning nicely as seen in this CoconutBattery screenshot:


hello every one i have the same problem << check the battery >>

my question is what is the worst case ??? if i don't replace the battery ??

will it damage the computer entirely or what

i only have 647 cycle i read a post from apple about changing the battery and realize that you should have reached at least 1000 cycle to change the battery .....????

what should i do plzzzz???


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It looks like you failed to calibrate the battery! Lets start there.

Follow this guide: How To Calibrate a Mac Laptop's Power System. You'll need to reset the SMC following this Apple T/N: How to reset the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac after you do this the first time and then calibrate the battery again. Then take a new screenshot of CoconutBattery and post it so we can see the difference.

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Hello Dan,

Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, I cannot boot the computer solely on battery power. Having gone carefully over each connection on the logic and I/O boards - everything is properly in place. I have disconnected and reconnected the battery several times and have still not been able to boot from the battery. Any recommendations on a next step?


OK not good ;-{ We really needed the old battery to validate things. We have two directions here: a bad battery or the charging logic on the logic board is damaged.

Contact the IFIXIT store for a replacement battery so we can rule that out. I was hoping we wouldn't need to go that direction as it will take some time to get it.

In the meantime lets do a detailed inspection of the logic board do you see any staining or burnt chips? Sadly you'll need to take the logic board out as theres more on the other side. Do be careful as in the winter we have a lot of static electricity which will damage your logic board. Use proper ESD protection.

Reference Steps 4 & 5 in the MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Late 2013 Teardown On the back focus on the Green & Yellow chips.


Bummer! I have had a replacement do the same thing. In this case I'd say it's a bad replacement battery. I recieved on that charged fine the first few days then started to charge slower and slower untill it wouldn't charge anymore after about week 2. It had 3 cycles in it before it died. I would get a refund on it and definitely pick one up from ifixit like @danj recommends.

If you want to know what else happenes, Google ISL charging circuit feedback resistors for some more info on the motherboard side of what normally goes bad.


@joesipaq - Reread the original:

Actions taken: After trying my personal knowledge base, checking the internet, and finally calling Apple - ordered a new battery from iFixit. Installed new battery (01-27-2018) and acquired new charger.

He has an IFIXIT battery ;-}


Oops! Forgot that part! Ifixit is wonderful for working with you on refunds and exchanges, I have gotten a few bad parts here and there, but they always help me out to the fullest.

Open up a support ticket and let them know about this issue. They will add it to their system and if they see it's a trend, most likely pull a lot and do some more manual QC ok them to try to make sure there are no bad batteries in their stock :) it happens some times to everyone


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I would like to see the screen shot after also! I haven't run into this issue yet, but would love to see if this is the solution incase I do see this problem.

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@joesipaq - The zero cycle count is the clue the OP hadn't calibrated the batt as well as the charging with 0 Watts. But he still could have a charging logic issue so we'll need to see what happens.


isn't the count cycle stored in the battery like the temp sensor it has and such? I guess its possible that i have taken a few min to change out the batteries in the ones i have and did a manual smc reset by the complete removal of power. But even before calibration I run ASD to check for battery faults and then boot into os and check the system information under Power to check that they cycle count is 1-2 to make sure I actually received a new battery.

Otherwise, if you do an SMC reset and calibrate the batt - wouldn't that reset the battery to 0 counts?


No, the SMC reset does not reset the cycle count.

The battery has a small micro-controller and within the chip it has a small non-erasable storage space where this value is stored as well as manufacture, date of manufacture, age & S/N.

A zero count is a fresh battery which was not tested before being shipped. In its self I don't worry about it if I'm putting the battery in as I would next calibrate the battery and I would have at least one cycle count if not two before the customer would get the system back.


Ahh, I see what you are saying now with the 0 count and that meaning he hadn't calibrated it. That makes sense. I always put my batteries through their paces after installing them - or if a client needs the computer asap, I have a spanish version of that page you posted that I give them and ask them to follow.

My guess with this problem Kieveryuu is having, is that the battery is a flashed pack - it is possible to flash that count to 0 again but with different setups. I have had only 1 "new" battery that i got off of amazon for a - in the middle - price range do the same thing to me. But that was after 2 weeks of use. It eventually stopped charging all the way and showed to change now. By that time, my normal providers batteries arrived and after changing it out, all was good.


If it were a reused micro controller set the data code and other stuff would be missing as all you could do is null it. That sounds like a home brewed battery not one I would use...


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