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Can a Skylake U processor be swapped out for a Kaby Lake R processor?

So basically, I want to maybe have a person do a BGA CPU swap so that I can swap a 6500U for a 8550U...but I am not sure that a motherboard built back in the Skylak days can handle a Kaby Lake R CPU (since Skylake and Kaby Lake can be interchanged for each other and Kaby Lake and Kaby Lake R has the same BGA pinouts). So can i swap a 6500U for 8550U via a BGA work?

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You need to provide the specific laptop model.

If the CPU is soldered on, then no.

If the BIOS doesn't have Kaby Lake information then it won't recognize the CPU either, so then no as well.

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But I heard about BGA swapping, right? Plus, I know that some of the laptops of my model (Asus Zenbook UX510UW) can be configured with a Kaby Lake processor (hence the BIOS will support it).


You can clearly see that the CPU is soldered on to the motherboard.


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