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A portable e-book reader developed by Amazon. Repair is straightforward and requires only prying tools and screwdrivers.

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Spot on the display when lifting the frame


I'm trying to replace the kindle paperwhite battery (1th gen). When I lift the frame some spots appear on the screen so I will stop. it's normal?

Update (02/01/2018)

@Darwin I took a photos of this spot. Please check pics.

Block Image

Block Image

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What type of spot. If it’s like a water mark that’s normal. It means the lcd and the glass/digitizer is touching. If that’s the issue you can use adhesive tape around the frame so that they do not touch each other. If the spot looks like a white spot it could be a pressure point. Check to make sure there is no screws or strange object left in there

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Plese check the update. Thanks.


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