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The Blade ZTE E is an Android platform smart phone released in 2013 (Model: V956).

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Music transfer from downloads

I recently downloaded music from my Google drive, and I am not sure on how to get it from my downloads to my music app. What do I do?

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3 Antwoorden

You have to check where the files are located after downloading. Maybe you have to move the music files to your normal music folder, because your app just gets the files from this one.

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Hi Sarah,

You can most certainly download music (or any other types of files) to your Android device. I'm assuming you're using the official Google Drive app? Here's how you can do it (quoted from a Help article that can be found here).

  1. Open the Google Drive app.
  2. Tap and hold each file you’d like to select.
  3. Tap Download icon.

In return, you can upload music in your music app to google drive easily by downloading them as MP3 on your local computer first. One thing you need to keep in mind is that this is only for personal use, nor for commercial.

Hopefully this helped.

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Great tip! I also learned the way to fix this issue here. For me, I like to move music files to my Google Drive for saving. I had ever got Spotify music to Google Drive via the DRmare Spotify Converter for Mac, becasue Spotify music is not allowed users to use the music directly on other devices.

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