iPhone 6s 128GB NAND

I am wondring if ifixit can provide this part: Iphone 6s, 6s plus, 7, 7plus 128GB (or higher) nand flash memory chip.

If not. Where do i find them?

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You can find them here, among other places. They will even program the serial number as an option. Keep in mind that the Naviplus Pro programmer will not work on these PCIE NAND, you need a newer and more expensive programmer.

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Probably from AliExpress / Alibaba.

Note that you will need to reprogram the nand with a naviplus pro 300 so that it matches the wifi / by ic Mac address and be able to boot.

I assume you have the tools to remove the old nand flash chip and put the new one on.

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I was told i only need the PCIE chip programmer with the memory to complete the memory expansion.


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I have only found on EBAY, but, I am not very confident they will be what the listings say they will be. Also Digikey.com , but again, Digikey will only sell bulk NAND chips. So you would have to resell the rest. Hope that helps!

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