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Support and repair information for Beats Solo3 headphones.

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Why isn't my beats wireless solo 3 not charging?

my beats are on 37% so they're still working ok on bluetooth. however, i tried charging them and they won't charge (no lights, nothing). i tried resetting them about twenty times (pressing on the power button and the mute simultaneously for a 10 seconds up to 2 mins). the lights would flash for a few moments, signaling that they are reset, but it still won't charge. i'm afraid my battery runs out within the next couple of days and i won't be able to charge them. please help! i've only had these for about a month now.

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I'm pretty sure the charging port is broken. I have the same issue on my Beats and that's where all the signs seem to point to. I advise not paying Apple to do it (bc it's expensive af) and buying one and doing it yourself. I'll update when I get the chance to replace mine.

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Have you tired to fix the charge port yourself? I'm having the same problem. I changed the battery and that wasn't the issue. I connected the cable and it's not indicating that it's charging


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