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This tablet is 9.09" high, 6.21" wide, 0.34" thin, and was released on October 2nd, 2011. Its Model Number is GT-P7310.

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Is it possible to remove the gyroscope built into the smartphone?

I want to remove gyroscope from my smartphone.

Is that possible?

My device is China brand Colorfly G808 3G.

No one know my smartphone brand, but I would like to know if such things are possible.

And in what way can I remove it if possible?

I do not know what the gyroscope looks like and where it is on the smartphone.

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Unless you are highly skilled with soldering and assuming you know exactly what part of the logic board controls it, it is highly unlikely that it can be removed. There should be an option to lock the screen orientation if that is the issue.

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It is removed with solder

Thank you


Good work, glad that helped.


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