Water damaged, dead. removed c3725 and starts, whats is C3725?

Hey, I have Recived a dead iPhone 7 that I got 24h to look at and need to decide if I want to buy it before that time ends.

Well it is water damaged and I removed the board and could only see oxidation on one place and that capacitor beeps on both ends in diod mode it also looks a bit brown compared to the other ones.

Block Image

This is at the bottom on the rear side. And watched upside down.

Also I got a question about the home button, they have porbebly hit it when they removed the screen with a tool, could it still work?

Block Image


Can't upload ps from my phone.

It is still shorted, could that make it not start?


Removed the capasitor and now it starts, But what is that one for?

Tought it was the backlight but that works.

Block Image

Thanks for answers.

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theres no harm in removing it to see if it removes the short


@djdannyrock I did remove it for a little while ago and now it starts, I have ordered some new so I can replace it.

Light and so worked fine so rly dont know what its for ^^


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