Released in North America in November 2006.

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Wii will shut down by itself at random intervals?

Sometimes we can use the wii for hours, but it will randomly shut itself off and the power light is red. You can turn it back on and use it again, but then shuts itself off again randomly.

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My wii will shut its self off ( powerless) I done everything I knew how to do but it keeps shutting off can someone help me.


Just solved this issue myself.

When WII U is on check to see if the fan in the back is running! If not, the fan is dead and the system is overheating. A simple fan replacement should solve the issue


Just in case anyone else is having this issue, **CHECK THE FAN IN THE BACK**

If the system is running, the fan should be running. If not it will need a fan replacement. The system is shutting down due to overheating


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This does sound like somethings overheating and a good cleaning with canned air wouldn't hurt. Also try this: unplug the power cord from both the wall AND the Wii, then unplug everything else attached to the Wii. Let it sit for at least 2 minutes and it will reset the Wii and the converter on the power cord. After two minutes, reconnect all cords and then reconect the power to the Wii and the wall. It should power up now.

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