My DSi charger light blinking when plugged in, SPECIFICS!

When I try to charge it, I plug in the charger in and get a blinking light, with or without the batter in and if I hit the power button the blinking light stops completely, no power at all, until I plug it back in and then it blinks again.

I have tried all of the seating and re-seating the battery things. The battery is Nintendo brand and of the right make.

The system will not power from the battery or the charger, so I figured it may be the F1 and F2 fuses on the mainboard and power board. I know of people bridging the gap for the F1 fuse to bypass and get the system to at least power on. I took off the F1 fuse, I ordered more, so that I could bridge the gap and at least see if the power would go from directly into the charger to system without the battery so I could at least power it on, even tried with battery in the system, but still have the blinking light and same conditions.

Kind of at a dead end till fuses get in, any Ideas.

Been trying to find a diagnostic guide so I can work problem back from charging port and at least see if the screens are working.

Got it as a failed screen replacement on ebay, came with screens to replace broken ones so figured decent deal at 11 bucks but now is lookin like a monster.

Please send help...

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