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Repair guides and support for USB flash drives, also known as jump drives or thumb drives.

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Repair USB Flash Drive

I broke the connector off my USB Flash Drive and would like to repair to recover the photos on the drive. How do I solder and repair?

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I have gone on YouTube and found several sites that will help, but none of them can tell me how to make sure I have the wires going to the right place. any thoughts?


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Hi @bcwright3 ,

There are plenty of videos on You Tube which describe various options on how to connect to the flashdrive to access the data.

The link above is just used to show you. Check out the list of videos down the right side of the page in the link and find the one that best relates to your problem and that you are comfortable with to do the repair.

Update (02/26/2018)

Hi @bcwright3 ,

If the USB connector was connected directly onto the pcb the by rights it should be a straight connection as shown in the image below.

Worst case would be if your put the power (+5V VCC) on the wrong connection as this would damage components.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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