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Phone shows its charging, but won't turn on after screen replacement.

Hello everybody,

I just replaced the screen of my iPhone SE, after the replacement I turned on the phone and it all worked like it should.

The battery was almost empty and it turned off later. Now it has been sitting in a charger for about 1 hour and it shows its charging, but it won't turn on.

I used a OEM screen for the replacement and I disconnected the battery from the phone before I took the screen out.

Any ideas?

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The screen shouldn't cause this however, if you still have the original screen, you could try to re-install it just to see if the problem persists. Alternatively, you may have accidentally dislodged a tiny component right next to the battery connector. There are four of them to the right of the connector (when the phone is in an upright orientation). The third one from the top allows communication of the battery state to the CPU. If it is damaged or missing, the phone doesn't know what the condition of the battery and could be causing your problem.

Take a look with a magnifying glass to see.

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Wel I refitted the old screen and waited about 15 minutes with the phone charging. Then I disconnected the screen and checked every connection. It looked normal.

Then I put on the replacement screen so the phone would not be open overnight and left it in the charger. Next morning it was turned on.

The phone had been in a charger for at least a couple of hours before it turned on. I tried different usb cables. I'm glad it is turned on right now, but I'll be afraid for when the phone goes empty someday haha. Cant be a good thing right?


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