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Second generation of Toyota's two-seat, mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports car.

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handbrake cable come off right side rare

im in a parking lot getting ready to leave started the car put gear in reverse pulled the handbrake down it seemed ok as i could feel the tension on im headed home pulled into my driveway which has a slight dip then flat surface.i put the foot brake on then gear into park pulled the handbrake up and thats when i felt it had no tension so i took my foot of the brake the car then moved forward abit.i checked underneath and noticed the right rare cable had disconnected from the clip and the holepin which also had come off.i guess my question is what could have caused this to happen?im hoping its just reattach the cable to the clip an holepin an reconnect it if its not seized.i dont know much about cars but the problems i come across with mine I'll ask questions,learn and solve em myself if its not a major lol an thanks in advance.

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If it has detached from the actual handbrake assembly in the rear, then it is a matter of pulling off the road wheel, and looking at the whole issue of why it came off. Which could be a break and expensive.

However if it has just released from the cable mounting clip, and the actual cable end hasn't detached from the handbrake assembly you are in luck. Simply chock your car, jack it up and put on car stands for a more solid and stable platform.

Take of the road wheel, release the handbrake while making sure the cable end is firmly attached at the handbrake assembly, push the handbrake cable back in to the cable hook clip. Adjust and test the handbrake operation and if all is well. Good job. Otherwise.

If the ball end is missing off the cable, then a new cable will be needed.

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