Released September 25, 2015. Model A1688/A1633. Repair of this device is similar to previous generations, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 64, or 128 GB / Silver, Gold, Space Gray, or Rose Gold options.

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iPhone 6s makes static noise when phone I’d unlocked


This is a new thing for me. Did a charging port change on a iPhone 6s and everything went great did change the proximity cable and front camera at the same time.

But when I started the phone it did a really low static sound witch you allmoust could not hear. So I tried calling and the same noise was there but off course higher when the mic did pic it up.

So I decided to change the chagrin port to a new one, and I did but still the weird sound. Haven’t heard anything like this befor. Anyone got a clue what it could be?

And the weird part is that every time I lock the screen the noise goes away and when I unlock the phone the noise starts again.

Happy hear all answer that can help me!

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Il try changing the speaker as soon as i can then. But is the speaker only active when the phone is unlocked? The sound is only there when the phone is unlocked?

But thanks il try changing it.


When my phone is near my tv the tv makes a static noise why?


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Either the connection to the bottom speaker (loudspeaker / ringer) is not good or the bottom speaker needs to be replaced.

Here is where to buy the part if you want to buy a replacement from iFixit:

iPhone 6s Loudspeaker

Here is the guide to replace the bottom speaker:

iPhone 6s Speaker Replacement

iPhone 6s Loudspeaker afbeelding


iPhone 6s Loudspeaker


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