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Acer's light and convertible multi-touch tablet with detachable keyboard dock, released in 2015 as a part of the Acer One Series.

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I don't have sound

hello i have a problem..

i made a windows update...since then i don't have says no audiu output device is instaled.... but i cant't find any sound driver..can you help me please?

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Can it couse to dissappear IMAGING DEVICES from device manager

, I am asking this question because i can't see it and camera does not work


thank you its work for me . so good .


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Try this, works for me.

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yes, this fixed it! Thank you very much for solution! (but "acer norway" did not answer!)


how am I able to make this solution work for me? ive downloaded the link but don't know where to go from there. thank you for any help you may offer.


Thanks a bunch. Just downloaded your link and now it's totally screwed with my machine making all the menus, cortana, Google flash uncontrollably. Cannot use the mouse to even get close to deleting file will have to do a complete reboot. Not happy.


Muchas Gracias!!! Funcionó todo... cámara, sonido y batería !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


good.. very well. funziona perfettamente. very thanks


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