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Repair guides and support for riding lawn tractors sold under the Murray brand name, currently owned by Briggs & Stratton.

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Starts but won't stay running

I was given the mower, it's been sitting s while. So I've replaced battery, selenoid, cleaned air filter, new gas(was empty). If I spray started fluid in under the air filter it will start but won't run. I also put carburetor cleaner in the gas tank but a half dozen cranks later over the next 30 minutes it still won't start. Not sure how to get to the carburetor and how to clean it if I do. Looked through many diagrams here with no luck. Help!

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You have a clogged carb, need to pull it off and clean it, most likely it is located under the seat if it is a mower like the one pictured. Also, if you follow the gas linie out of the gas tank it should lead you right to the carb.

Please post model #

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Murray Select model number on motor is 283707. I think I see it behind the frame, where the gas line goes into it. There's a cup like cylinder on the bottom. I guess take the nut off that and clean?


Take off part 975A, to see if the fuel is gummed up, etc...then post back.


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Remove carb. Clean carb and all internal parts float, jets, needle valve ect. Replace any gaskets if needed. Put carb back on and it'll run.

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