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Released November 2010. Identified by model number BNRV200.

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How to reset nook color passcode without factory reset?

Hello, I recently found my nook but realized I forgot the passcode. Is there any way to recover it/reset it/disable it without restoring the entire nook to factory settings?

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where is the answers


How can u bypass a nook account from a loptop


How can i bypass a cb nook account


How can i bypass a nook account


Someone gave a nook because the person died but they didn't know the passcode can you help me

=== Update (03/30/2020) ===

How can i change the passcode


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This was covered in a previous question.

I forgot my password

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That’s rude dude. I’m having the same problem as her I just found mine and I don’t remember my passcode either. Trying to hard reset it.


@Madison Collins Its not rude, There is a link there to the previous question so you can review all of the answers provided.


Hi Joe! I recently posted a question but you seem to know how to help :) I know my password and use the device everyday. Today, it says my password is wrong, can this be fixed without a reset? Thanks!


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