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The PlayStation 3 (or commonly known as the PS3) is the third home computer entertainment system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2. It was released November 11, 2006

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Where is the best place to buy a new laser?

i am replacing my ps3 laser and just wondering where the best place is to buy a good quality repacement laser

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Are you looking for just the laser or the whole sled? Which ps3 model do you have?


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josh, you can check on here and here as well as for the "best place to buy" it depends on anyone's definition of best. But you could ask on some PS3 forums for their experiences. Good Luck.

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thanks for the replys, i live in australia and i found an australian ebay seller that refurbishes them, tests them and gives them a 3 month warranty, so i think i will go with them. it seems that only sony produce new lasers and they charge an arm and a leg for replacment.


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