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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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installed hardrive into enclosure but cannot see anything on it?

So I'm trying to save my data off my ipod. I bought a enclosure to put my ipod hardrive into. Plugged it in and it shows up in devices as a Toshiba 2.0. But it doesn't show anything on the device. if I pull the hardrive back out and put it back in the ipod it will show all the music on the ipod-only if plugged into the wall socket. If I plug it into my pc it shows the error to charge the ipod. Is there anyway I can pull off the ipod data from the hardrive?


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I’m not sure of how to get the data off, but one thing I do know is that using a separate enclosure won’t work. Apple is very particular about the way iPod music is managed, and iTunes needs to be used to manage music. With a hard drive enclosure, your computer does not recognize the hard drive as an iPod, so iTunes can’t be used with it.


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Arun Ahuja  ditch the enclosure. Get a Zif-to-USB adapter, something like this so your computer can recognize your HDD (also both must have been the same OS i.e. Windows or Mac. You can not mix) Male sure that you get an adapter that has the right ribbon cable. Toshibas and Hitachi use different cables. Apple uses a weird structure for the way files are saved on the HDD. I use CopyTrans to backup the files. There are multiple other pieces of software for this task that work just as efficient.

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