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The second generation of Citroen's supermini car was produced between 2009 and 2016.

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Why is my gearbox faulting?

I have a strange, intermittent issue, where my car (auto) fails to shift gears within the first 5 minutes of driving, but only during specific conditions. When it fails, there is a lurch forward, and a Gearbox fault digital warning appears. The SERVICE lamp also turns on. All I have to do though is pull over, and restart the engine. None of the warnings come back on, and the car doesn't experience a fault after that.

The problem: My car's gearbox faults

The conditions:

  • Cold, or just warmed up engine.
  • Going up hill

A mechanic has suggested I need a new gearbox - but I'm not sure it's specific to the gearbox itself. Before I spend a bunch of money on a new gearbox, does anyone have any ideas about what this is or how to fix it?

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For anyone with the same problem. Sounds like it could be this:


Hi did you find the problem I have this exact same issue?


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I needed to change the item below "clutch Actuator" The price is in Dansh Kroner - that solved the problem

LL90118 Slavecylinder, kobling Actuator 1 Stk. 3.399,00 3.399,00

Good luck and happy new year :)


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