Deleting things stored in my SD card

I'm trying to delete pictures and videos off my phone from my SD card but it says failed to delete, I've also tried moving things to the SD card from device storage and it says failed to move. So my storage is stagnant I can't delete or move things around, plus I need to update my phone to the new software update can someone help me?

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Hi @daisya ,

Try inserting the SD card into a card reader connected to a computer and then copy the pictures / videos that you want over to the computer and then delete them from the card.

Pictures are usually in the DCIM folder on the card

If there are apps installed on the card leave them there and don't reformat the card as you will lose the apps when the card is reinserted into the phone.

If there are only pictures and video stored on the card , copy the ones you want then reformat the card and reinsert into the phone.


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