Raid 0 config is feasible?

I'm thinking in giving my old iMac (3.06 Ghz / 6Gb RAM / 8800GS / 1Tb HD) a last breath with an SSD update. Taking into account that 2 x 250Gb SSD are only a few bucks more than 1 x 500Gb SSD (Samsung 850 EVO):

- It is possible to setup a RAID0 using the HD and SuperDrive slots? Any experience with this machine?

- I've read about some problems with the fans and temperature sensors on 27" models, could this affect mine as well?

- Any other advice for the installation?

Take in mind that this is not my primary machine and my idea is to use it only for music production (where the hard drive speed is very important). And also it will be a fun project!

Thank you in advance,

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