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Is it NOW safe to install/upgrade to High Sierra from Sierra?

Hello iFixit experts,

I had some (or rather a lot of) trouble with HS on my MBP Early 2011 for which I had posted a couple of questions and thanks to iFixit experts was able to get things sorted out and bring the MBP back to life, albeit on Sierra. So my question was:

With HS v.10.13.2, is it now safe/feasible to upgrade to HS and not have all the APFS/SSD/HDD errors that have been raging on various forums.

Side note: I upgraded the HW on the MBP to 1TB Western Digital SSD (no TRIM) and 16GB 1600Mhz Crucial RAM. Original HDD is intermittently used as external if required.

Thanks for you time.

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Is this question on a different machine that what you discussed before? Is it the 17" early 2009?


This is the same machine as before early 2011 actually


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Apple has not fixed APFS yet in High Sierra. Stick with Sierra if you have a SATA based SSD drive!

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Thanks. When can we expect the fix for SATA SSD drives to come, i.e. probable version #? Because I think in the recent one they were probably focused on the root administration security flaw fix.


I don't work for Apple ;-} So your guess is good as mine. I'm sure Apple will let us know.


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