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The Officejet is HP's line of office inkjet printers.

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Curious about what a part does

I was just tearing down this old HP printer because i got a new better one, and I came across something strange. It looks like a piece of metal with a slit cut into it for the wire. This wire wen't to the display panel/buttons. And on a note, this object was slightly ferrous. It was weak though.

Block Image

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Hi @parzival ,

Just guessing, but since the cable seems to be passing through it it may be a type of ferrite choke designed to filter the EMI effects on the wires going to the display panel. (like what is found on better video cables connecting a monitor to a PC etc)

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I could see that. After going deeper, it was on EVERY ribbon cable in the printer. And i could especially see that because there are at lest 3-4 motors in this printer.


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