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Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. Released in April 2017.

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After screen replacement "Battery temp too low" when charging

Hi I replaced the LCD on my galaxy S8 and now when I try to charge before reassembling it says "Charging paused - temp too low". This happen with wireless charging too.

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I fixed it!!!! You have to connect the wireless charging pad assembly and make sure the pins fully connect, then restart the device and it should be fixed

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I had this problem as well. However in the video I watched, the guy doing the tutorial did not talk. Therefore, not knowing, I accidentally broke the strip for my finger print censor. When I put my phone back together, the broken strip was wedged in between the thermostat censor and the battery section. Once disconnected and put back together my phone started charging instantly.


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J'ai déjà eu ce problème plusieurs fois. Le problème peut venir de la Puce NFC, de la batterie ou bien du dock.

Tentez de déconnecter et de reconnecter le dock de charge qui est peut être mal clipsé.

Mais le module NFC étant équipé d'une sonde de température, le problème viens sans doute de là. Enlevez le et tentez de rallumer le téléphone sans la pièce. Si le message ne s'affiche plus, le problème viens bien de là.


I have had this problem many times before. The problem can come from the NFC chip, the battery or the dock.

Try disconnecting and reconnecting the charging dock which may be badly clipped.

But the NFC module is equipped with a temperature sensor, the problem probably come from there. Remove it and try to turn on the phone again without the coin. If the message is no longer displayed, the problem comes from there.


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Hi how much will it cost me to fix my Samsung s8 LCD and back glass ?

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