Gyro, accelerometer & compass stopped working, how can I fix them?

Hi! I have a Z5 compact with the following issues:

• gyroscope not working

• accelerometer not working

• sim reader not working (with the sim inserted it does not get recognised)

• compass not working (tested through G Maps & GPS Test)

Regarding the sim reader, although complicated and risky, it can be replaced, but when it comes to all the other problems I can’t think of any decent solution.

Do you have any idea about where on the motherboard & what type exactly are the chips responsible for the gyro, accelerometer and compass?

P.S. Buying a new motherboard or another phone is not an option. As I cannot benefit from the warranty of the phone due to the strict location conditions enforced by Sony’s Customer Support program I am looking forward towards improving my soldering skills with this (once) wonderful piece of technology :D

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