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Xbox One Sync Button Doesn't Work Properly

Okay so my Xbox One has been working fine since I've gotten it earlier this year. Just recently, the sync button stopped working. When you take off the panel on the side, the black triangular piece is there. I've tried messing around with almost everything on my Xbox and nothing worked. But now, when I hard reset my Xbox and also unplug the chord from the power box, then I wait 30 seconds. After that, I plug everything back in and turn on my Xbox and the sync button works so I connect my controller. It only stays connected for 15-20 minutes and sometimes less before it ends up disconnecting again and I have to go through the entire process again. My sync button doesn't work again and the Xbox logo on the front doesn't flash like it's supposed to. Oh, also using a USB to connect my controller doesn't work. I'm very frustrated and don't know what to do. Did anyone else ever experience this? Please help!!!

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Yes same problem…did you ever end up getting this problem sorted? Having the exact same problem

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I ended up replacing the wifi module if I recall correctly. Was only about $25 and 30 minutes of work. My Xbox has worked flawlessly since then. Hope this helped!


But I'm still getting wifi connection to th e web and media remot er still works?


@trimbo92 Its Bluetooth and Wifi I think


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